‘Thula’ as she is fondly known is undoubtedly has great fondness for the human race and a soft spot for women and children. Having been raised in a very humbled environment by very strong women; throughout her young age she received much support by many women in her community she felt the need to establish an organisation that will support women as a way of her gratitude to those did the same for her.

Having overcome many of personal challenges both in the corporate and in her personal life, her vision beyond the current programs is to build a half-way house for women in distress; providing support to women in transition be it from failed relationships, drug abuse, prostitution or correctional services.

There are many situation where women find themselves entrapped in relationships and situations without a way out manly because there cannot afford to escape; have no financial support or ways of developing skills to seek new opportunities. Thus a half-way house will serve as means of support through their transition.

In the she is keen to make a difference, no matter how small, as she believes that there is no small a contribution towards a betterment of others, each contribution, gesture counts.

Her famous words – “Whilst the world has redefined love, confining it to close relations such that it has lost its broader meaning and impact; many have abused the word, turning it into nothing but a word – a word without any supporting action. It is therefore time that we activity revive its true meaning for a better world and betterment of human race as we are called to love and we are love as a human race”

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