11 April 2019


Factory on Grant
72 Grant Avenue, Norwood


Nokuthula Ngonyama
The founder of House of Pearls


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This event will provide an interactive platform to exchange views and reflect upon the challenges faced by women in achieving recognition and learn from their experiences to create a culture that promotes gender diversity in a sustainable way and leads to the greater success of women in the leadership roles. It is a platform for like-minded professionals (women & men) who feel gender is an important organizational issue which impacts the profitability and the overall health of the institution and also impacts the social setup in any environment.

More women are making their mark as leaders in various fields today, however, for many, it is still a long way to the top as women continue to face various factors that limit their full career advancement. It is imperative for both organizations and people to see the need to accelerate gender diversity. On the other hand, it is also necessary to celebrate the positive changes that occurred, learn from the experiences of women who have succeeded, examine the obstacles faced, and analyze concrete steps overcome these challenges. Delegates will get a certificate of attendance on completion this event.



  • Get an overall view of the progress of the women leadership agenda along the entire pipeline from policy makers and industry experts
  • Engage first-hand with women leaders cum influencers to learn to thrive and succeed amidst challenges
  • Learn about the challenges, opportunities and support available to women in the digital economy
  • Grasp a better understanding of women could help other women, i.e. moulding the next generation, assisting the disadvantaged, and recognizing the various roles and responsibilities of women outside the workplace
  • Build your network and support group with exclusive access to prominent speakers and fellow delegates passionate on driving the women leadership agenda


8:00 Registration and Welcome Coffee
8:40 Founder’s Opening Address: Thula Ngonyama
9:00 Opening Keynote Women in Leadership – Empowering women for success in the workplace

  • Setting the stage for women to succeed in the workforce
  • Realizing the importance of management buy-in in driving a supportive culture
  • Overcoming unconscious bias and barriers to equality
  • Designing impactful programs that support female leadership and work-family culture
  • Reflections on leadership and advice for leaders of tomorrow
9:45 Keynote: Males leading by example and championing change

  • Why promoting women isn’t just a women’s issue
  • The business case for diversity and how to effectively put that into practice
  • Practical strategies and actions to lead and support change e.g. removing barriers, transforming the workface
  • Critical factors in facilitating an increased presence for women at the senior level
  • The importance of active engagement and commitment of men in building an inclusive workplace
10:30 Morning Break
11:00 All-Male Panel: Fostering a positive workplace culture to support women in leadership

  • Why it’s not about men ‘saving’ women, but making women’s leadership everyone’s business
  • Practical strategies for elevating women in leadership
  • Employing a unified diversity and inclusion strategy – why it takes more than just HR
  • How leading organizations are working to increase female visibility and lead change
  • Assessing measures (both qualitative and quantitative) that ensure leadership accountability
11:45 The importance of personal development: Why we must always continue to grow

  • Personal development- Continue to learn in order to continue to lead
  • How dealing with barriers to women’s advancement make women better leaders
  • Embracing failures as important lessons on the path to success
  • The best piece of career advice I wish I had
  • Take home messages to yourselves, colleagues and family members.




12:30 Networking Lunch
1:30 Be Strategic: Fostering female talent and encouraging gender diversity in your organization

  • Implementing recruitment programs with an eye on diversity and inclusion
  • Identifying, nurturing and empowering your women leaders to take on leadership roles
  • Eliminating factors that inhibit the growth of women leaders
  • Best practices and strategies in attracting and retaining female millennial talent
  • Building a healthy pipeline of future women leaders
2:15 Taking a targeted approach in developing your career road map

  • Learn how to plan for and continuously develop your leadership path…starting today
  • Progressing through different roles to encourage growth
  • Identifying and taking every opportunity as it presents itself
  • Leveraging on networking opportunities to expand your personal networks
  • Key tips for putting yourself out there professionally
3:00 Panel Discussion: The true value of mentoring, coaching and sponsoring

  • Understanding why mentoring, coaching and sponsoring is an imperative
  • Developing constructive mentoring programmes for Generation-Y women leaders
  • Finding the best support to drive and support professional development
  • Promoting the advancement of women at all levels of the organization through sponsorship
  • Identifying the right role model for you and becoming a mentor yourself – does gender play a part in who your role model is?
  • “How my mentees mentored me” – keys to a successful mentoring relationship.
3:45 Founder’s Closing Address
4:00 End of Conference: Cocktails & Networking

Join us as we celebrate women greatness.

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