At the heart of House of Pearls exists great love for the human race and more so, love and deep appreciation of women.

Nature has asserted that women remain pillars in all sectors of society. Women continue to prove on a preponderance of probabilities that their capabilities out measure the ceilings placed for them. The emergence of women in the corporate and general working environment has indeed presented new phenomenal challenges for the female soldier. It now requires a new way of multi-tasking and managing personal and business pressures.

Reality appears to be that with the dominance of males in the working environment, women have to continually sustain even harsher stereotypes and critics whilst having to balance out additional personal commitments.

In South Africa the democratic dispensation undoubtedly opens new opportunities for women and ensures that they gain access to other sectors in the broader mainstream of the economy. However this has also been received with resistance, deliberate interference and at times lack of support. At present, there are organisations that still do not consider the specific bouquet of needs for women beyond the working environment.

There are many trails of prejudice and unfair treatment of women in societies and within the workplace itself. House of Pearls is a platform for women to collectively tackle these matters.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip and enable one woman at a time to achieve her purpose and greatness in life.

Social pressures have dictated that success is paramount and given these new opportunities, women feel compelled to succeed at whatever cost. This has inversely bred a new set of challenges for women; in some instances, women having to prove their worth a multitude times more than their male counterparts.

The reality in part, denotes a far worse predicament for black women in the public as well as the corporate sector.

In these trials, women have found themselves with nowhere to turn to for holistic support.

What further aggravates the situation is the minimal support women get from each other. The fragmentation and hostility amongst women in places of work is a weakness that can be remedied because women as nurturers typically carry an unyielding essence of benevolence in their nature.

House of Pearls is a catalyst assuring that women break stereotypes. It is an organisation that celebrates women who have not only remained true to their ideals but who have paid their dues and excelled in their areas of expertise. Women, who successfully balance home and work life and in that journey continue to sacrifice their dreams to accommodate everyone else but themselves.

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