Welcome to The House of Pearls

House of Pearls is a catalyst assuring that women break stereotypes. It is an organisation that celebrates women who have not only remained true to their ideals but who have paid their dues and excelled in their areas of expertise. Women, who successfully balance home and work life and in that journey continue to sacrifice their dreams to accommodate everyone else but themselves.


Women Leadership Programme

21 January 2019 – 30 November 2019
The Accelerate Women Leadership Program is a high-impact and challenging developmental experience for elite female leaders. Read more

Women Initiatives

This initiative aids women in the hows, whens and whys of different environments on the premise of image, linguistic skills and mannerisms. Read more

Fast forward your dream

Fast forward your dream is exactly that. Beginning with a one-day workshop where you will begin creating your dream. Do you have a dream?  Read more

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip and enable one woman at a time to achieve her purpose and greatness in life.


Sexual harassment in the work place

19 September 2018
Sexual harassment is real, men and women alike suffer everyday in our organisations. Is your organisation ready for it? Read more

Building an effective personal digital brand and presence

10 October 2018
We are all part of the digital community and our digital identities are more and more becoming the first impression. Read more

Women Leadership Masterclass

10 December 2018
This International Human Rights Day event is organised in partnership with The Business & Technology Leadership Institute of South Africa. Read more

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